What Message Are We Sending Out To Girls By Defending A Rape Accused?

Tight jeans, crop tops and short dress clad girls, girls talking on the phone, girls roaming on the roads late night—they are not just girls; they are pieces of flesh enticing men. And when those poor men have ‘sex’ with them, which these girls enjoy too, they are termed as ‘rapists’.

Now if you leave the milk in the open, the cat will come and drink it no? Similarly, if girls walk around showing off their bodies, flirting, then they are bound to be raped! What’s the men’s fault in this situation?

Sex, which is considered ‘rape’ by those foolish girls is an expression of love by men. Yes, they can be a bit violent, but you can’t call it rape!

They are not doing this out of anger or an intention to hurt you. The men who rape are like children, and the girls are their toys. So after playing, the boys will break their toys several times! This is just a normal thing. Now if that girl gets hurt or dies or something, what can they do? How can we blame them?

It is the girls who are at fault. Why were they born with a vagina? Oh, and the accused men? Well, we the daughters of India owe them an apology. We need to apologise for this body which distracts them from their path, which forces them to think of something wrong.

Perhaps the people taking to streets defending Unnao accused Senger are right. It’s us who need to change the way we think!

At the same time, when the rape victim is battling with life and death at the hospital, people are blocking the road to save the rapist—maybe being born as a girl is a crime in India. Women may be revered as goddesses here, but aren’t worthy enough to be considered as humans.

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