10 Things To Help You Navigate The Beautiful Feeling Called Love

We’ve all been through heaven and hell, suffering and moments of celebration, and an outburst of friendly vibes and loneliness. We have all reached a point of serenity in true love, followed by a bitter heartbreak; a heartbreak that feels enormous and forces us through a series of emotions. But, one emotion that rules our bare senses: we feel guilty somehow, for the breakup. If we had the power, we would have seen through that relationship.

My experience taught me a lot about love. I want to dedicate it to someone who’s worth a lot to me. Here’s what I learned:

1. Love ’em or Leave em’. Ask yourself, ‘do you feel ‘it’ for them?’ If your significant other doesn’t give you the feels, then leave that relationship before it’s too late. For it is utter disregard to play with someone’s feelings. Unknown feelings are harder to deal with than solid facts.

2. Get rid of your ego. You need to respect your partner and at the same time, not go overboard with respect. You must genuinely love and respect your partner, and you will discover a more humble version of you!

3. Keep distance from ego. A satisfied ego leads to an unhappy relationship.

4. Be honest. Earn those five beautiful letters that make up ‘trust’.

5. Appreciate. Sometimes, lack of appreciation can be a stagnation point in your relationship. But make sure it’s genuine and serious.

6. Make sure you’re ready to commit before you get into a relationship.

7. Make the relationship a priority.

8. Focus on yourself and the process. It’ll help you go through the roller-coaster of emotions in love.

9.  Care genuinely. Devote time to your partner and the relationship. Pay attention to details.

10. Avoid manipulation. It’ll only make things complicated when what you feel piles up within you. Be honest, direct and communicate.

In the end, just say it. Let go of fear in love. If you feel the love is overpowering and getting intense, let it flow, relish it, don’t fight it. Set your heart right according to what you feel!

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