Actor Javier Bardem Urges World Leaders To Work On Global Ocean Treaty

Actor Javier Bardem on the streets of New York’s Times Square. Credit: Javier Bardem/Twitter

Javier Bardem is no stranger to anyone who has interests in watching films especially Hollywood-produced films. He is generally known for playing noted characters onscreen such as Anton Chugurh in ‘No country for old men, Raoul Silva in ‘Skyfall’ as well as Armando Salazar in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales’. He has been recognised as well as awarded for many roles as an actor, but apart from that, Javier Bardem is also a noted environmentalist.

A few days back during a special event of United Nations Javier Bardem representing Greenpeace, advocated for strong Global Ocean Treaty at the UN headquarters located in New-York. While addressing the member-states, Bardem stated: “You bear a huge responsibility, huge, individually and collectively to take us down the right path.”

Addressing under United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Bardem said, “our oceans are under more pressure now than in any other time in history.” Bardem also added “I am just one of the many that want this to happen. And there is a growing global movement of millions of people outside this room demanding protection of our oceans and the whales and the turtles and penguins and other incredible life to which they are home. The world is watching as you negotiate this treaty and this time we just can’t, cannot, cannot afford to get it wrong.”

The way in which Mr. Bardem delivered this speech, it made me also think whether we as human beings have done enough to secure our marine life or just been blinded by financial greed because whatever Javier Bardem mentioned in his statements needs no evidence.

I still remember when there were high tides during rains in Mumbai, all the garbage that was dumped in the sea were thrown out and the whole coastline of Mumbai was littered by the released garbage. There are many instances where we hear news regarding how marine life creatures were found in a dire state as they came in contact with garbage dumped in oceans.

Garbage that came from the sea during heavy rains in Mumbai. Image Provided By Author.

All these events are, as per my opinion, an indication by nature regarding how we humans have damaged the marine life and have to do something regarding it as soon as possible. If we don’t do anything today, we are staring at a catastrophe which we as humans will not be able to handle.

Featured Image Credit: Javier Bardem Twitter/ NDTV
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