Why Don’t Women Question Their Oppressors More Often?

From the golden age of freedom and equality for all to the subordination of women as housewives and mothers only, there was something which we never realized. We never realized our dependency on our oppressors. From the interpretation of the holy books to deciding our characteristics, we never questioned them. We never questioned why our mind, our body or even sexual orientation were under ‘their’ (i.e. our oppressors) control. We never asked ‘why’? Because we, somewhere, were afraid of our title of ‘perfect’ being taken away.

Some of us tried to become like Sita and Draupadi, but we forgot that apart from sacrificing for others these women were in rebellion too. Sita didn’t go back to Ram after giving ‘Agnipariksha’ or Draupadi always made her pride a priority. But we never questioned. We never asked, “Why?”. Perhaps, somewhere, we never felt this subjugation as actual subjugation. Because society will continue with inequality until and unless one doesn’t contest it.

There are women who have fought back but only till the time they achieved their goal or aim, they never fought beyond that. There are also women who try to fight their obstacles but are discouraged by society and even by their loved ones, sometimes. And then, there are women who just accept each and everything terming it as their destiny.

But the main question is why do women, have to face so many things? Despite the world advancing century after century, I believe we are declining and deteriorating as individuals. The women we boast and talk about, Sita and Draupadi, were fearless and fierce. 

There are people who accuse Sita of having no self-respect and just doing what her husband told her. But my point is that there is a difference between loving your loved ones without losing the self-respect and following your loved ones blindly. The same applies to Sita, she followed her husband to the jungle and did what she thought was her duty, and out of love for Ram. But when he asked her to give an ‘Agnipariksha’ after she was rescued from Ravan’s imprisonment, she gave it and was found innocent. She did not go back to Ram. Was this not her self-respect?

Some of us want to become like Sita, but only till the part of ‘Agnipariksha’, because after that, we think she defines the negative aspect of womanhood for not going back to her husband. And, if I am to talk about Draupadi, we never ever want to be like her because marrying and sleeping with 5 men is a big deal, isn’t it?

We either see the most innocent part which is accepted by society or see the most modern part which is not accepted by society. And, as today’s women, we dwell on these two attributes only. We never wish to see or behave in any other way. Whereas we can be both, we can be one of either or we can be none. But, to have this, we have to stop dwelling between being innocent and being modern. We have to fight back with our subjugation and have to start questioning, and asking WHY?

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