An Exercise In Nostalgia: Chhichhore Will Take You Back To Your College Life!

*Spoiler Alert*

Chhichhore was released last Friday, September 6, one of the latest Bollywood movies to be released. I watched it with my friends, and we got a lot more than we expected! By the look of the trailers and the songs, it appeared to be a romcom tale of seven friends and their college and hostel life. We were expecting a funny and nostalgic movie. Well, I guess I now know why people say ‘never judge a book by its cover’.

The movie takes you through a host of emotions, with emotional, dramatic, and romantic scenes. It is a nostalgic tale that will surely take you back to your college and hostel life, and leave you with a good message, one that will get your brain muscles working for a while. That message is one of the many reasons why this movie is one of my favorite Bollywood movies so far. So, buckle up as we breakdown the masterpiece that is Chhichhore.

The Story

The movie starts with the main character Anni (Sushant Singh Rajput) coming back from work and checking on his son, Raghav, who is under a lot of pressure due to college entrance exam results. Anni advises Raghav to not stress, as he was sure his son worked hard to clear the exam. Anni and Maya (Shraddha Kapoor) are divorced parents, and they keep giving Raghav the same advice in their different ways.

Raghav and his friend check the result online which says “Better Luck Next Time!“. This breaks his heart and he breaks down crying. The poor lad thinks that he has let his parents down. He attempts suicide by jumping off the top of a building. This leaves him seriously injured, and he ends up in an ICU.

His friend then tells calls Anni about the incident. Anni rushes to the hospital where Maya is already waiting for the doctor. The friend recounts how their son said that people would call him a loser for failing the exam. After hearing the word ‘loser’, Anni reminisces about his hostel and college life, and this gives him an idea…a brilliant one.

Anni goes home and comes back the next day with his college photo album. He recounts the funny and inspiring story of his college life to his son. After some time, Raghav starts fidgeting. After this, Raghav comes out of the coma, and the doctor tells them that he is asking about Sexa (Varun Sharma), the person whom Anni started the story. The movie will take the viewers for a funny, romantic, emotional and dramatic ride, shown simultaneously through flashbacks and in the present.

I won’t tell the whole story here for obvious reasons, but I must say this, Chhichhore is a must-watch if you have ever experienced pressure due to work or studies, or even if you just miss your college life and your college friends (who doesn’t?).

The Message

The beautiful message in the movie is that we must never let the pressure of anything, and I mean anything, eat us from the inside. Whatever happens, whether you succeed or fail, always remember that your life is beautiful and the most important thing that you have. Also, no matter what, your friends and family (loved ones) will always have your back. So, just stay on the grind, and not take unnecessary pressure over anything!

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