Climate Change Is Not Just The Govt’s Problem To Solve; All Of Us Need To Get Involved

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Greta Thunberg

Everyone has heard and seen the recent phenomenal and empowering speech by Greta Thunberg, aged 16. After watching her speech, everyone might be wondering how a school going child could be so empowering in her words, fierce in her attitude and determined to do what she thought of doing—being an eye-opener for the world towards the climate crisis. What she pointed out in her magnificent speech was unnoticed for most of us till then. But, was it because it was out of our sight or knowledge, or it’s just that we didn’t want to open our eyes and ears to this problem?

The United Nations is also working towards rectifying various issues, which if not improved now, would cause serious problems later. They are collaborating on various projects and trying to make people aware of the impact of climate change, and the need to secure our future. Let us try to understand what are the major climatic problems the world is facing right now, and how a 16-year-old came into the scene of climate empowerment.

The world is facing serious problems such as global warming, which if not controlled, might become a serious threat to life on this planet. The happy and peaceful world we inhabit today may not be the same for our coming generations. We all love trees and plants around us, but are actually doing anything to protect them? Are we doing anything to control global warming or factors contributing to it?

Before getting into that, let’s talk a little about Greta, who has called upon the world to take climate action. Learning about climate change at the early and young age of eight and understanding the fact about how the future she was facing would be impacted harshly sent Greta Thunberg into deep depression. She stopped eating and talking. She could not comprehend why no one was doing anything to stop climate change. Fortunately, she found her voice, and with persistence has brought attention to the climate change crisis, with demands for action from those in power. Such an astounding feat, isn’t it? But shouldn’t we all join her fight too?

Dia Mirza is another inspirational public figure who is advocating environmental problems in front of the world. She has been creating awareness around climate change and global warming for a while now. The actor has also advocated and campaigned for the ban of single-use plastics. These two great personalities are playing their part in this matter, forcing us to think about our motherland. It is our duty to preserve it and keep it clean.

Let me throw some light on my city Jamshedpur, also known as the city of Tata’s or Tata steel city. The city has been taking environmental issues quite seriously—with the authorities actively carrying out cleanliness drives and awareness campaigns. Every morning, the waste from each household is collected in two separate bins: one for liquid waste and one for dry waste. The waste disposal is thereby done systematically with recyclable waste separated and sent for recycling purposes. Hygiene is maintained quite strictly, and I would applaud the steps taken by Tata Steel, JUSCO for empowering our city and making it eco-friendly.

Such changes have come after our respective honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Swachch Bharat Abhiyan”, which is being followed quite rigorously across the country. The more we stress on keeping our surroundings clean and planting trees, avoiding plastics, the greener and healthier will be our world. To curb pollution we need to actively come up with clean energy solutions such as electric cars that can replace the fuel-based cars soon, and the world needs to keep its carbon emissions in check to control the global warming. Only then can we have an inhabitable planet for ourselves and our coming generations.

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