In Our Quest To Save The Planet Small Steps Like Refusing Paper Receipts Count Too

Have you ever done shopping from any of the brand outlets? Shoppers Stop, Central, Westside, etc.?

Have you been out with your friends/family to a restaurant?

Have you ever been to the petrol pumps to re-fuel your vehicle?

If your answer is yes, my next question to you is what happens when you pay using your credit/debit card? The cashier prints a long receipt of your bill and gives it to you. And what do you do? Happily take it, put it in your pocket/purse and never look at it again, or you would probably throw it in the dustbin.

Why are we doing it? Why are we doing something that is not required at all?

The paper receipts that often end up in our trashcans are non-recyclable and end up in the landfills.

In this era, everyone is talking about climate change; there are conferences happening around the world to discuss them. People are protesting outside government buildings and blaming them for their negligence and inaction. But have we ever introspected? Probably not! Because if we had, we would know how ignorant we are of our surroundings.

I recently visited an outlet and purchased a shirt, but when I looked at the bill, I realised how ignorant I was all these years. What’s the need of printing those numbers on a paper? In this digital era, why can’t I receive that bill directly on my phone or email? The people who need it for their personal use can get it print when required. Why was I not able to say NO to the person generating the payment receipt until now, be it in a restaurant or a petrol pump?

From now on, I have pledged I will say NO to the person generating the customer receipts, and I urge you do to the same.

Some of you may think this is a stupid idea while some may say this is a great idea but would be thinking, “Oh, I’m working in the corporate and I need to submit those for my reimbursements”. That’s another area where we need your support. Developing this system may be a walk in the park for the individuals working in this field, but for me, it’s like climbing the Everest. So, I request the brightest minds of the country to develop a system where we can get bills on our phone, and at the same time, I request the policymakers of this country to come up with a policy where there is no need to submit a paper bill and instead we can submit e-bills.

If this makes sense to you, please share this and raise awareness among people.

I have started a petition for this on Please help me by signing this if you can connect with it. Your small step can make a difference in our future. Let the voices be heard!

#IfYouCantPlantaTreeAtleastSaveOne #LearnToSayNo #DigitalIndia


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