Australian Wildfires: Is Blaming The Government A Solution?

Australian wildfire is an early episode that reiterates every summer in the south-eastern forests. However, in the year 2019, the massive flames that engulfed the Australian states are still out of control in Victoria and may blaze across the land during the one month of summer left in the country. The areas hard hit by the fire have been the ones with populous human habitation along with rich wildlife, New South Wales being the worst affected. As a result, 16 million acres of land has been destroyed, sweeping away thousands of homes and killing 28 people.

While a motley of causes is out at play, the main reason for the massive fire was the interaction of lightning with the arid, drought-stricken land under excessively heated atmosphere. This strong heat is further being referred to be an output of uncontrollable climate change which does not let heat to escape, a criticism being put on the PM.

Not all the blazes have been subdued; they continue to impartiality ravage the plants, animals and humans alike.

However, man-made arson is taken as a cause that increased its initial intensity. Aboriginals are making efforts to contain the flames that are ruthlessly setting their properties on fire.

Indigenous and foreign firefighters are dealing hard to extinguish the blazes from particularly burning the flora and field of prehistoric importance. In order to energise their spirits and financially support the fighters for providing incessant services, the Scott Morrison government has promised to offer prize money and paid leaves to the volunteers.

Recently, a 100m Pizza was made to raise funds that would financially aid the firefighters involved with the disastrous scenario. Besides fighting on foot, the war against fire has also employed aerial assistance. Still, not all the blazes have been subdued; they continue to impartiality ravage the plants, animals and humans alike.

Amidst this depressing scene, a historical finding has revealed the aquaculture in the form of water channels where eel trapping was practiced by the indigenous residents, older than the Stonehenge. Although the incumbency is making pragmatic promises on providing monetary assistance and other economic reparations, presently, firefighters continue to die while fighting the blazes under the smoky red blood skies.

Here, blaming the government does not come out as a viable solution.

While the volunteers fight, the countries across the globe need to send personnel help and organise to distribute funds and repair the damage. Curbing greenhouse gases contributing to climate change is definitely a long term aim to counter, but the immediate measures can be comprehended as the need of the hour.

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