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What Is Fascism?

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In modern times, fascism is the state in which the government of a country is controlled by very few businessmen and the wealth and power of that country is concentrated between them.

You may find this definition too simplistic. Because the images that come to our minds when we hear the word fascism are very scary. It is natural to criticize how such a superficial and simple definition can be given without due consideration to it. Not only that, by this definition all the countries of the world must be fascist countries. But we do not consider them that way. Therefore, a clearer analysis of this definition is needed.

Is Democracy Really Democracy?

Let us start with this critique. Democracy is the rule of the people’s power. According to it, you vote and elect someone. Presenting your needs to him. He presents it in Parliament and gets approval. It is implemented in the country. Similarly, the policies approved in the Parliament are relayed back to the people in the constituency and their consent is obtained and then it gets passed in the Parliament. This is how a democratic government should be.

But nowhere in the world has there really been such a system of empowerment for the people. Instead, the parties announce a manifesto. It may have arisen through democratic discussions within the party or by the leaders on their own. People choose their favorite party by voting for them. The party in power implements projects on paper or not at their discretion.

There is no other way than these two. Invisible third parties who are not accountable to non-partisan parties . They find candidates. Make them popular. After being successful, the third party carries out its plans with the people elected.  For example, there is a group in the United States called the American Legislative Exchange Council. The 24,000 laws written by them have been similarly passed by state governments in the United States. The members of this group are state MPs, conservative thinkers and corporate parties. Their goal is to protect corporate interests and make more profit. It has a quarter of the state assembly members.

Most of the countries in the world are now acting in this last way. Again, in modern times, fascism is the state in which the government of a country is controlled by very few businessmen and the wealth and power of that country is concentrated in them.

Depoliticized Fascism

Fascism is generally what everyone calls a brutal and violent dictatorship. But when we call fascism just a tyrannical regime, we have no idea why it happened or how it works. The whole guilt is only the character of a fascist leader and he blames himself for it. The same problems recur over time. The whole world is repeating the 1930s.

We cannot solve the problem without knowing what the problem is. Therefore, we must abandon such absolutist analysis and conduct scientific analysis. A comprehensive study should be done keeping in mind the context of the place and time. In that sense, we can see that fascism is nothing new and that it is green capitalism that has unmasked democracy. Fascism is the real name of capitalism. In other words, modern day monarchy.

They Did Not Come To Me

But this does not make us fascist. Because we still have democratic institutions at this time. Civil rights and civil liberties will not be restricted. But we are at a peak nonetheless. If capitalism can sustain its profits, there will be no problem. Society will remain at that peak. It is enough to think that how long this condition can last will be dependent on how fortunate the society is. Because the next step would be an unbelievably violent system.


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Democratic governments have no hesitation in befriending fascist governments. All fascists and dictators, such as Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Pinochet and Suharto, were revered by the authorities and the rich in democracies such as the United States, Britain, Canada and Sweden. They honored Mussolini and Hitler by calling them “admirable gentlemen.” They helped Franco by rejecting his request for help from the elected Spanish Republic.

More than 20 corporates and banks, including IBM, Texaco, Ford, GE, Coca-Cola, Sullivan & Cromwell, and J. P. Morgan, had industrial and economic ties to fascist governments. Why this relationship continued even during World War II! They were selling arms to both sides. When the United States carried out the bombing in Germany, these corporate factories were evacuated. From that we can see how close Western democracy was to the fascists.

As the famous German poem says, “When they came looking for communists, I said nothing, because I was not a communist.” But they were still fascists. They were fascists when they worked with children, paid low wages to women, owned female bodies, polluted the environment, sold weapons, waged wars, created global warming, traded health and education, and concentrated wealth.

We did not see them wearing the mask of democracy then. But there were plenty of clues. We did not care because it did not come for us or because our attention was diverted. Why do we think they are fascists only when they finally come looking for us!

Fascism is not a bad man. It is a process. It is a condition. A system in which wealth and power are concentrated in a few businesses. That is the end result of the capitalist cycle. We can break it at a great cost if we really want to. But if it is to give it a mask of democracy again, that cycle will repeat itself. So, the most important question before us is whether we can have a better system than capitalism.

The Structure Of Fascism

Fascism has three components

  1. Energy center

  2. Intelligence center

  3. Body

The Energy Center: The power center of fascism is capitalism. These are the real beneficiaries of fascism. This condition is for them. Fascism can never survive and grow without the help of capitalism. In fact, fascism is unmasked capitalism. The slogan of the fascists is uncontrolled capitalism. The fascist Bolzano, who recently came to power in Brazil, dismissed the Department of the Environment. He argues that there is no need for it and that the Department of Agriculture will do what they do. This is because the environment department is bringing a lot of control against the industrialists.

Intelligence Center: It has two parts. Direct and indirect. The direct intellect plans the actions of the fascist body. They are more or less visible to the public. They have a very close and secret relationship with the energy center. It has been in operation since before the formation of the fascist body. Only the fascist energy center and the intellectual center will be active when the country’s economy is stable. They are not doing anything directly.

The indirect intellect is completely invisible. Sometimes it can even be those who work against fascism. Unbeknownst to them, their goal is to aid the functioning and growth of the fascist body.  This includes many, including pseudo-progressives, rationalists, extremists, reactionary activists, independent thinkers, and identity theorists, who live in response to everyday events without foresight. Besides, there are those who are impartial and work only for their own interests. It is as if they were saying that all their deeds would be the result of pure evil.

The Body: The fascist body, the third element that gave birth to the intellect before, appears when economic growth stops and the economy collapses. It is only this element of fascism that appears before us that draws attention. Fascism will adopt a body that suits it in every place. For example, Hinduism in India. White Christianity in the West. In India, they now use upper-caste Hinduism. But it will fail. Because the majority are the oppressed castes. If that happens, they will use the majority castes. Its attempt is already underway. Dalit groups are an example.

The fascist body will be inactive when there is economic stability in the society. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, or even if it does, no one pays attention. But things change when there is economic collapse and political instability. Then the fascist body that changes the whole focus of the people will come to life. Their weapon is hatred, lies and violence. In the beginning they will be a minority. But they will gain strength by making effective use of the suffering of the people.

The Fascist Body Is Something Special

People start talking about fascism only when  life is given to the fascist body. That is, when a group of people propagate hatred and animosity in a way never seen before and the ranks unleash violence, then the general public realizes that fascism has come.

This is the body of fascism. It has two components. Leaders, Arrays. Leaders propagate hatred and intimidation, intimidate the majority, claim to have had a great time in the past, and claim to be victims of someone else. Their hate speech incites the masses and they themselves resort to violence. Unlike other organizations, leaders do not have to be directly involved in working for fascism. The non-direct speech and body language of the leaders is enough for the ranks. The rest is up to them. There is no need to deploy the army or the police. This is a clear distinction between fascists and ordinary dictators. This is not to say that the police and the military will not intervene in fascism to teach the people manners. Of course, they will intervene. They are also working to show the brutality of the regime and to accelerate regime change.

Note that this does not preclude direct-ordered violence. Such conspiracies would be difficult to prove. The assassination of Gandhiji is an example. Not only were there hate speeches against Gandhiji in Kerala at that time, but there were also our natives who served sweets after his death. If not then another day, if not him, someone else will commit that crime. That is the way of spreading hatred.

The fascist body is unique compared to other human systems. It does not exist on its own, they are corpses for the capitalist powers. So, failure is not an issue for them. Examples include the disappearance of the crowd, the apology, and the self-deprecation. Because their real goal is to protect and nurture the capitalist powers.

Fascism does not have to be a single body. There will be many fascist bodies as many tools that can be used for the intellect. After each task, they may disappear or sometimes persist.

Why Fascists Are Violent

They commit any kind of violence, even against the innocent. How many lies. There is no shame. Hate is the basic nature. Their first program is to eliminate human reasoning. It speaks and acts very emotionally for that. The fascists instigated the violence and were not particularly angry with anyone.

Of course, they do not like protests against them. People who react or act violently can be intimidating. Frightening will prevent people from reacting. Thus, anti-fascist struggles can be prevented.

Similarly, the human brain cannot think logically when there is emotion and fear. So, people can’t analyze things. It is conducive to the propaganda of the fascists. So, they will always maintain fear and emotion. Violence and fights against ordinary people will be done for it.

Violence will always be against minorities. Sometimes they also react violently. Either way, it will help unite the majority and keep up with the fascists. Because they are the ones who pretend to be the spokespersons of the majority. In this way, they can effectively hide the fact that they are the spokespersons of the very rich minority.

There is another benefit to violence. Frightened people may not trust anyone. Everyone will suspect. With that, the carpet of social relations will disappear. Isolated people are vulnerable. Let them be suppressed. That is what capitalism needs.

That is why the fascist intellectual center will create a special atmosphere in the society and make the fascist body violent and violence with them even for the most trivial and poor things.

Behind The Fascist Body

Fear of what happened after the 1930s still haunts us today. Violent incidents like this have already started in our country. Have you looked at what is behind this fascist body that creates so much terror? It could be a farmer, a mercenary, a fisherman, a mason, a factory worker or a clerk.

That is, a worker who sells labor for a living. A man. Wasn’t he / she once a beautiful creature who laughed innocently as a mother’s child? Don’t they really have to be with us? Then how come they come before us with swords or hate speech?

How To Respond To Fascists

Fascists emerge at a time when the country’s economy is collapsing. That is, the fascist body (ranks). As the party of businessmen proves to be fascists, all their activities are fraudulent. Like fishing without getting your hands wet. Look at Aadhaar, Muthalaq, Ujala, etc. You can see that it has the intellect of a trader.

But people who do not know what fascism is will soon start protesting strongly against them. But it is well known from history that fascists gain strength in protest. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful in reacting to those who express extreme views. To do that, we must first learn how they work.

What The Fascist Way Of Working Is

When the economy collapses, there are really two groups of people in society. The minority is very rich and the majority is very poor. The aim of the fascists was to prevent the protest of the poor from reaching the minority rich.

As most people know, their first task is to disintegrate society. People’s mutual trust must be broken. For that, they are targeting minorities. Makes a villain out of them. (They will make a villain out of everyone who opposes them.) To the majority of the people who come, these evil ones are the cause of all trouble. So, there will be a constant call for attack through hate propaganda. It will turn people who have lived in peace until then into fighting animals who do not trust each other.

They have the nature of a quarrelsome toddy. Violence is somehow created by a dispute or quarrel. It is a positive shift away from issues that affect everyone in the community.

They have no creative plan of their own. Isn’t the economy in a state of collapse? If you want to do something creative at that time it can only be done by grabbing some money from the rich. Will this group, which is at the expense of the rich, grow up?

The last dependent democratic institutions of the weak people will be made to feel inadequate and they will all be destroyed and the people will turn against them.

Programs will be conducted to find out the problems of others or the problems of the system and to deal with it. It tells people directly that others are wrong and that they are sarcastic.

Those who do not work with the mainstream will have no said tradition. So, they will try to own other traditions. All of the ideas, individuals and movements. They will then try to make their own ideas on top of the people and movements that have handed over their ideas.

Will constantly lies. Green lies can be told anywhere without any hesitation or shame. The general public will carry out this false propaganda even sitting in positions of responsibility that they do not suspect.

As opposed to knowledge. Oppose the study. Books will be destroyed by fire. The goal is to keep everyone in the dark. And the ability of the brain to function decreases. Once foolish, people will submit to the authorities.

Such things are their main artistic activities. So how do others react to people like this?

Never Respond To Fascists

In the case of Sabarimala, they clearly said, “They fell one by one into the trap we set.” In fact, even these anti-fascists will never understand what this means. So, we can see them falling into more and more traps.

Fascists never believed in temporary victory. They want ultimate success. So, they will not hesitate to give up temporarily. You may be thrilled by the applause you get when you get into an argument. But sometimes it can take years for you to know that you are the real loser. Because the fascist you are responding to is just a decoy.

So, the most important thing is never to react to the fascists. Never respond to them, never discuss. Do not argue with them. Do not see them as ordinary human beings and ordinary political parties. They are just suicides. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”

That does not mean they have to give up. Must act very wisely. Always remember that business people are behind them. Merchants know how to present a thing effectively and when. They have been in the field of human psychology for thousands of years. Everything they say and do is false. Don’t even take them at face value. Remember what Thomas Isaacs said about GST being good. What now?

Fascists do not mean that when we oppose something, in fact we speak within their frame. It will strengthen their frame. In fact, we have strengthened their framework, even though we think we have won the dispute by all means. For example, in the 75 years of independent India, has there ever been a time when so much religion is talked about?

In writing, speeches, and debates, self-proclaimed anti-fascist activists spend more than half of their time and space explaining what fascist ideas are. Can fascists be happier than this? Didn’t they get publicity and prominence for free. It is not enough for them to work a little harder. Please stop giving free advertising to fascists. Do not even pronounce their names or words. Responding to them is the result of the pure evil being.

The media will ask for their opinion on any matter to show impartiality. In fact, it is a scam. The media here pretends to be anti-fascist and ruthlessly questions the fascist spokesperson constantly. That spokesperson regularly spends time lying, blaming, and distracting.  In fact, it is the fascist media that gives fascists a chance to speak. Their neutrality is a lie. As the pure media imitates this method of the dominant media, they too are becoming partners in this scam.

All these media are paid by the same rich people. Their goal is to make fascists important in society. Do not go to such places. Do not react to them even if they arrive. Talk about the basic issues that affect everyone.

They should work in their area of ​​work as if they were not and do things that unite people.

Note: Again, do not explain what they are doing for any reason. Do not even pronounce their names or words. I know it’s not easy. But be careful not to let our words contradict us. The easiest way is to use economics.

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