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Young people grow up in a culture of silence, encouraged by the status quo. Youth Ki Awaaz is where young Indians speak up, spread awareness and take action on issues that matter. Over 75000 young people are writing their stories, opinions and perspectives on some of the toughest issues shaping our world. Join the gang!

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Youth Ki Awaaz has a growing community of more than 75000 writers, users and creators - and is read by more than 4 million people every month.


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Youth Ki Awaaz users constitute the country's most passionate writers and creators addressing, engaging on and driving impact on some of the most critical issues affecting our world - from culture and politics, to education and gender.

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On Youth Ki Awaaz, you can write, read, watch, learn, take action and attend. In collaboration with passionate people like you, we run some of the most impactful programs that use your power of writing and creation to shift an entire generation from a culture of silence, to a culture of speaking up and engagement.

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Youth Ki Awaaz's open publishing platform enables you to publish a story or perspective on any issue you're passionate about. As soon as you hit publish, you can begin sharing your story in your networks. All Youth Ki Awaaz stories are then reviewed against our community guidelines by a group of user-editors, who're YKA users just like you. Some of the most powerful stories make it to the YKA homepage. Start writing!

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Read some of the most unique perspectives on critical issues by young people from across India and the world. Start by checking out the Youth Ki Awaaz Staff Picks which are carefully curated by the YKA team, or find out what's pressing right now through our latest or the trending homepage. Get started!

Take action 🙋🏽

Youth Ki Awaaz campaigns allow you to take action on issues you're passionate about. We work with some of the most high-impact organisations from across the world and use the power of your writing, turning it into real, on-ground action. YKA stories and campaigns have started movements, led to policy change, enhanced youth participation and a lot more. Coming soon!

Learn 🤔

Youth Ki Awaaz runs one of the most coveted and sought after Writers Training Program in the country, which has, till date, trained over 5000 young people on the skill of writing impact-driven content. YKA's training program acts as a launchpad for aspiring writers to create a solid career in media, art, culture and social impact by enhancing their skills and ability to address key issues. Start learning!

Attend 🏃🏽‍♀️

The YKA flagship annual Youth Ki Awaaz Summit and the quarterly Converge events give you the opportunity to come together with the YKA community and meet fellow writers, changemakers and passionate young people, and get together to listen to some of the most powerful and honest talks, debates and discussions on issues impacting our world. Attend!

From the community 👉

“My story featured on primetime shows and in 3 days, led to the govt rescuing 18000 Indians stuck in Libya.” - Pranay Manocha

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“After my article, my first battle [against inaccessibility] has been won. For the first time in my adult life, I felt hope.” - Jolly Mohan

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“After Story On YKA, Nepal Government To Order Probe Into Skin Trafficking Of Women”

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“My letter on YKA went viral. What began with one account, became a national campaign, with hundreds of people participating.” - Nikita Azad

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