For Transgender Awareness Week, join us in celebrating all gender identities, expressions, love, acceptance and authenticity.

Gender identity is more than a box you check.

Gender identity is more than a box you check.

It’s how you are and what you feel.

Tinder now supports more ways to express gender identity, by giving users the ability to add information about their gender outside the binary. Users have the opportunity to identify as any gender that they believe represents them most authentically. Tinder’s goal is to make it easier to connect with and meet new people. And, that is true for every user.

If you have a story to share about loving and living freely, as who you are, join us this Transgender Awareness Week and spread the love!


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What Queer Indians Think About Online Dating

Do you have a story to share?

Join Tinder and Youth Ki Awaaz as we celebrate Transgender Awareness Week.

Stories of fighting the gender binary and coming out. 

Experiences of love, dating and acceptance.

Breaking down gender, sexuality and gender expression.

Come, celebrate diversity with us!

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