Youth Ki Awaaz receives loads of comments/insights from the community, but sometimes there are attempts by few individuals to derail the conversation or to hurt the author(s)/commenter with abusive comments.

So far we have been very accommodating — but not anymore.

Here is our commenting policy (applicable since March 31, 2008) :

We will display the name/email id/ip address of commentor(s) and all his previous comments (in short, a snippet of your online profile) when the person-in context crosses that line when the comments turn abusive.

Definition of an abusive comment

There is no thin-line. But to keep it clear — if one’s only intent to leave a comment is to hurt others, take personal revenge — Youth Ki Awaaz isn’t the right platform.

We will immediately publish troller’s details and all his/her previous comments on this page.

We (i.e. Media) cannot be held responsible for comments published on the site.

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