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Youth Ki Awaaz Editors’ Fellowship

A 6-month fellowship for aspiring editors to learn, grow and build India’s largest open media newsroom.

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The Youth Ki Awaaz Editors’ Fellowship will enable young people to gain practical experience of working in a newsroom and learn about editorial processes while amplifying powerful voices.


During this 6-month fellowship, you will be trained to edit and shape varied issue-based articles on YKA published by our community of users. A well-structured programme outline ensures that you will get exposure to various aspects of the editorial processes in a newsroom.



With our team of experienced editors, gain first-hand experience of working in a media house. You will play a crucial role in YKA’s daily editorial efforts as well as receive training on how to design and execute your own editorial campaigns.


This is a full-time position based out of YKA’s office in Noida. It is open to college graduates who preferably have some experience in news media. You’ll be paid a monthly stipend. A well-performing editorial fellow may be offered a permanent position in the organisation.

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Download Program Brochure

हिंदी ब्रोशर डाउनलोड करें

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For queries, write to us at careers@youthkiawaaz.com.

PLEASE NOTE: We look for applicants who are committed and driven individuals. The fellowship pushes you to enhance yourself, your writing and editing skills, as well as your communication skills. Please apply only if you think you fit the bill and can commit to fulltime work for the entire duration.

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