India’s Fake News Crisis

Youth Ki Awaaz investigation shows how money, political ideology and polarisation work in a post-truth world.

Once upon a time facts were facts and news was news. Not anymore. In a world where anyone can set-up a website and everything happens on social media, a new trend is driving the information discourse – alternative facts and fake news.

The menace of fake news is clear: fictions fabricated as fact can do real harm to the democratic process. Distorting truth for emotional consumption, fake news isn’t just perpetuating lies or falsities. It is changing our whole worldview. It’s directly impacting what we believe. It’s killing healthy scepticism, making cynics out of us all.

Which is why – we at YKA decided to conduct an investigation into India’s fake news factory. We spoke to editors running these websites. We questioned them. We read their stories. Closely. And scrutinised each article. This is the true story of India’s fake news industry. Read the stories below.