When you raise your awaaz 🗣️

Things change. Hundreds of writers have used the Youth Ki Awaaz platform to create mass awareness, urge decision makers to take action, start local, as well as global movements - and many times - create a safe space that previously did not exist.

⚖️ Impacting Policy

Several Youth Ki Awaaz users have used the platform to talk about and amplify stories on issues that are being ignored by decision makers. From action on sexual harassment, to getting the Nepal Govt to finally set up probe to investigate a trafficking racket, YKA stories have moved decision makes to pay attention and act. Here are some of those stories.

🚀 Seeking Action

Can the simple act of speaking up alert institutions, organisations, police authorities and petitioners to act? Youth Ki Awaaz stories have often been used to alert local authorities to act, file petitions in courts, and change policies within organisations. Here are some of those stories.

👥 Starting Movements

What happens when 100s of people come together for a common cause, moved by a story, because they believe it's the right thing to do? Youth Ki Awaaz users have used the platform to write open letters and stories which started some of the most powerful youth led movements around issues such as menstrual taboos, unfair college rules against women students and many more.

🤔 Creating Awareness

While the traditional media can play a key role in creating mass awareness, often times it falls short in covering issues that really deserve attention. From adivasi rights to women's sexuality and health, some of the most powerful Youth Ki Awaaz stories have reached millions of people and played a key role in creating mass awareness on issues otherwise tabooed or ignored by the traditional media.

🏆 Getting Recognition

Because of their impact, many Youth Ki Awaaz users and their stories (and the YKA platform) have been recognised and awarded for their efforts in creating awareness and impact. These stories have travelled the world, been written about globally and have set the new norm in what pathbreaking and fearless storytelling and journalism looks like. Read some of the most powerful stories in this list.

Speak up now 🗣️

If you have a story, we have the platform. Just like the ones above, your story can also create impact and reach millions. If you have a something the world should know about, publish it on Youth Ki Awaaz today. Click here to get started.

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