For far too long traditional media has come in the way of your elected representatives speaking directly with you. That changes now!

At Sansad Unplugged with YLAC India, your elected representatives engage directly with you on key policy issues that matter. Follow them on Youth Ki Awaaz and change the way you interact with those you vote for.

Meet Your MPs

Rajeev Satav
Paternity Benefit Bill, 2017

Husain Dalwai
Triple Talaq Bill, 2017

Kalikesh Singh Deo
Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Bill, 2015

Dr. Kirit Premjibhai Solanki
Domestic Workers (Decent Working Conditions) Bill, 2015

Why Sansad Unplugged?

Since Independence, only 14 Private Members' Bills have become laws. Of the 370 odd Private Members’ Bills introduced in the 15th Lok Sabha (2009 - 2014), barely 3% were discussed, and 97% lapsed without even a single debate in the House! This is a dangerous precedent for the world’s biggest democracy, all set for a General Election in 2019.

Less than 3-4% of the Private Members’ Bills ever get discussed; most lapse without a single discussion.
The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill 2014 was the 1st Private Members’ Bill to be passed by Rajya Sabha in 45 years; it is still pending in the Lok Sabha.
The pressure to reform the Parliament needs to come from us - the citizens