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Terrorist groups like ISIS and others are using social media to recruit young people, and releasing audio-visual material as ‘propaganda’. Misinformation and narrowcastin​​g has made it easier for violent extremists to dehumanize and disconnect people from one another.

Intern with Facebook India and Observer Research Foundation to ideate on how violent extremism can be countered online.
As young people who actively use social media, there is A LOT we can do to encourage peace, harmony and tolerance.

1. Register your team. You need to be a student and your team must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 members.

2. Once your team is shortlisted, you will be mentored and get to work on a powerful and impact-oriented Facebook campaign that spreads the message of peace and harmony.

3. You’ll get INR 40,000 to implement your project using Facebook.

4. Over the course of 3 months, 50 such teams across India will compete with each other to create compelling AV material for their Facebook campaign: videos, poetry, music, graphics, choose what you may!


The world becomes a better place AND the winning team gets a prize of INR 2,00,000!

The selection process is now complete. 50 teams from across the country have accepted the challenge!

Have some questions? Write to us at [email protected]
Let’s stand together to counter violent extremism.
Are you up for the challenge?