Join the fight against daily violence faced by marginalised communities and the barriers they face in getting justice.

Acts of violence are deeply rooted in India's social structure. Speak up against this systemic violence and help end it.

Your suggestions will be sent to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to frame effective laws to reduce inequalities and hatred towards poor and marginalised communities.

Here's what you can do. Speak up about:

Socio-economic acts of violence like instances of dowry, domestic abuse, marginalisation of women, caste-based discrimination.

Inaccessibility of mechanisms such as local police, the courts and government for poor and marginalised communities.

Acts of physical, verbal, emotional or psychological violence like mob lynching, sexual violence, labour exploitation.

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Sarah Jacob in #ViolenceNoMore
January 15, 2019

Tell us how daily acts of violence can be prevented and how marginalised communities can have better access to legal aide and speedy justice.

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