10 Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

By P. Roy

20th Apr, 2023

Do you also want to start a profitable business with little capital? If yes, then remember that we have many ways or ideas to do business with less money.


I am talking about 10 small businesses that you can start anytime with very little money. 

If you are wondering what business can be done with very less capital, then you can think of Xerox and printing stores.

Xerox And Printing Store

Flower Shop Business

These days, those businesses are quick to notice or quick to succeed, which are unique and are in very little quantity in the market, and demand is very high.

If you can learn mobile repairing and set up a small shop, you can earn a lot. Because people will buy mobiles and mobiles being electronic will be bad and people will come to you.

Business of Mobile Repairing

Fast Food Truck/Stall

You can start this business with very little money. You will need some ingredients to cook and a crafter to cook the food.

if you also want to do business with less money and are looking for profitable small business ideas with less capital, then you can do any of the business ideas.