By Abhiraj Jit

19th April, 2023

4 Activities Every College Student Should Try!

College life is a phase which shows us the reality that what we should do in real life. We all have to one day earn money just to become independent.


“Here are some activities college students should try to make themselves skillful as follows”

Content writing is a great thing if you work for a company as it earns pocket money. One can do content writing both as a Freelancer and as an employee.

Content Writing

Video Editing

Video editing is a skill that’s easy to master. It’s just that one needs to practice a lot in order to become a video editor. It’s best to practice it on mobile and Laptop.

Start A YouTube Channel

If you are passionate about something then starting a YouTube channel is a brilliant idea. Just focus on your communication, knowledge and video editing skills.

Low Cost Business

If you have something that you want to sell online then investment in a low cost business is a great idea. Just keep improving yourself and also make sure to get a  problem solving product.

r.The above ideas are something I listed by my personal experience. Would request everyone reading the post to focus on studies and do these things as a part time job.