When South Megastar, Chiranjeevi, Replied To My Mom’s Fan Mail!

August 22 2022

For the unaware, every Tollywood hero is adoringly given a title by his fans and Chiranjeevi’s title (megastar) aptly conveys the magnitude of his stardom and fanbase.


My amma was a MEGA fan of the “megastar”, Chiranjeevi, during her high school days, so much so that she would watch ALL his movies first day, first show.

One fine day, she pens him a fan letter. She praises his movies and (dance) moves, while also writing about some of his performances she didn’t enjoy so much.

She Wrote Him A Letter

How She Ended The Letter

She ends the letter by saying the bell declaring the end of lunch period was rung in school, so she has to go.

He thanked her for her kind words and acknowledged her criticism. He said he was a director's actor so he followed their vision when performing in front of the camera.

When He Wrote Back To Her

How He Ended The Letter

He ended the letter by saying that he was on set and his next shot was ready, so he has to go. Don’t you love a good callback? 

Not only did Chiranjeevi take out the time to read and respond, the megastar obliged his young fan’s request to send her some photos of him. Now that's the mark of a true superstar!