4 Times I Wished Ranbir Kapoor Would STFU!

September 9, 2022

He is our resident nearly 40-year-old actor with considerable life experience, but he’s something of a mystery. Case in point: he’s not on any social media platform,.


There’s a reason he’s mysterious. It’s because whenever he opens his mouth, he says something that will inevitably be misogynistic or sexist. Don't believe me? Here are 4 such instances.

During Brahmastra’s promotions, he fat-shamed his pregnant wife in front of fans, media and industry colleagues: "“Well, I can say somebody has phelo-ed.”

When Ranbir Fat-Shamed Alia

When Ranbir Mansplained To Katrina

During Jagga Jasoos’ promotions, he kept talking over Katrina Kaif during interviews, not giving a chance to her to respond. And it was not a one-off incident.

During the promotions of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, he said that Anushka Sharma lives with anxiety, going as far as revealing her medication. Why invade her privacy?

When Ranbir Called Anushka "Anxiety Queen"

When Ranbir Pushed His Domestic Worker Into The Pool

Ranbir pushed his domestic worker into the swimming pool. Kicker? She couldn’t swim. Neetu Kapoor shared this as a "funny" anecdote.

They say there is a childish side to everyone, and that’s true. But, Ranbir’s comes out as a mean-spirited man who takes pleasure in being toxic to his co-stars and hiding behind the age-old line of "I’m just joking".