5 Best Free Study Apps For Students?

By Ishika S.

26 March, 2024

Wondering what are the 5 best apps for students that are free and adds value to your studying routine? Check this web story out for more:


Here are five highly regarded free study apps for students:

1. Quizlet:

Quizlet offers a variety of study tools including flashcards, quizzes, and games to help students learn and review material across different subjects. Users can create their own study sets or choose from millions of sets created by other students and educators.

Khan Academy provides free educational resources covering a wide range of subjects including math, science, economics, history, and more. The app features instructional videos, practice exercises, and personalized learning tools to help students master academic concepts at their own pace.

2. Khan Academy:

Forest is a productivity app that helps students stay focused and avoid distractions while studying. Users can plant virtual trees during study sessions, and if they stay focused without checking their phone, the trees grow. It’s a fun way to gamify productivity and improve concentration.

3. Forest:

4. Duolingo:

Duolingo is a popular language-learning app that offers interactive lessons in over 30 languages. The app uses gamification techniques to make learning fun and engaging, with activities such as vocabulary practice, speaking exercises, and listening comprehension tasks.

5. Anki:

Anki is a powerful flashcard app that uses spaced repetition to help students memorize information more effectively. Users can create custom flashcards or download pre-made decks from the Anki community. The app’s algorithm adjusts the timing of card reviews based on each user’s performance, optimizing retention over time.

These apps provide valuable resources and tools to support students in their academic endeavors, whether they’re studying for exams, learning new languages, or enhancing their productivity.