5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Writing

By - Richa Tyagi

10th July, 2020

We all want our readers to read our articles from start to finish. You worked hard on it, and you want your readers to engage with your article. Don’t you?


"It is a truth universally acknowledged, the perfect opening lines will always make a reader stay."

Well, a perfect introduction could be the key. It will always set the tone right and help you and your readers remain on the same page (literally).

It’s extremely important to move beyond what you know about a certain topic. This helps in developing your idea better and gaining a wider perspective.

If you have a strong emotional reaction to a headline or the content, consider your biases before accepting it as fact.

Only rely on authority news sites. (refrain from left-leaning or right-leaning sources) [For eg, Jacobin, OpIndia, Postcard News, Shankhnaad, etc. We can look at their ‘About’ section to gauge credibility].

Once you are done editing. It’s always best to let it sit for a day or two before hitting publish.