5  Most Useful Degrees In India?

By Ishika S.

15 January, 2023

The usefulness of a degree often depends on individual career goals and market demand. However, some degrees that have been traditionally considered valuable in India include:

India has a strong demand for skilled engineers, particularly in the IT sector.

1. Engineering:

2. Medical Professions:

Degrees in medicine, nursing, and other healthcare fields are highly valued due to the continuous growth in the healthcare industry.

Given the digital transformation, degrees related to computer applications and software development are in high demand, aligning with the technology-driven job market.

5. Computer Applications and Software Development:

4. Business and Management:

An MBA is often sought after for managerial positions across various industries, contributing to career advancement.

With the growing financial sector, degrees in finance, accounting, and related fields are valuable for opportunities in banking, finance, and corporate sectors.

4. Finance and Accounting: