5 Paid Internship Sectors That Will Let You WFH

September 26 2022

Ghar baithe-baithe paise kamaye—you must have received a shady SMS or WhatsApp message advertising sus jobs using this tagline. But, what if I tell you there is actually a way to do this while keeping your izzat papad intact?


I’m not joking. Two phrases: paid internship, work from home. If you are a young student looking to earn some pocket money on the side and gain some professional experience, this is for you.

Content writing involves writing blog posts, landing pages for websites etc. But it includes any form of content that requires planning, writing and editing.

Content writing


Documentation would mean that your job is to create, catalogue, store and retrieve documents. Think: preserving electronic files and databases, as and when required.

A digital marketing internship will mean using the Internet to promote products. Think of popular creators who make reels and earn money by plugging brands.

Digital Marketing


It can be purely academic or something lighter, but no matter what kind of research you do, it will involve poring through the Internet and burying your head in thick books so be prepared.

A lot of coaching classes and tuition centres, and even individual students need teachers who can help them beyond the classroom setting. If you are academically inclined, go for this.