5 Reasons Why IAS Is Popular Among Indian Parents

By Abhiraj Jit

2nd April, 2023

Being an IAS office is a dream for many people in India. This had led to rising of coaching centers in the country. Coaching centers are rising because of fulfilling the dreams of children.


“Here’s why IAS is popular among Indian parents”

Compensation Of An IAS

Every Indian middle-class family wants that their children earn something for them in life. IAS officer is given a lot of perks like a car, house, and many things. That’s  why every middle class wants their children to be IAS officers.

There are a lot of flaws in the Indian education system. No student in India is encouraged to think differently because of the rat race. A student gets his stream based on marks. Any student who has arts is deemed to be an average student.

Flawed Education System

Many Indian families who have daughters will marry their daughters to IAS officers or any Government servant. This creates a mindset in Indian parents that their sons should become IAS just to get a girl for marriage.

For Marriage

Exploitation In Private Companies

Many private companies exploit their employees and even judge them without even looking at their skills. Indian parents are very much aware and that’s why they don’t want their children to join the private sector.

These are the causes of why Indian parents want their sons to be IAS officers. Being an IAS officer is a great career but that doesn’t mean that IAS is the only caree