5 Things You Can Do To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship

August 16 2022

My friend texted me saying: "Can’t take it anymore :( Things are worsening between me and her with every passing day. She just wants me to be her puppet and I am losing myself amid all of this. I want to end a relationship with a toxic girlfriend. Please help me."


My bestie is not the only victim of a toxic relationship. Many people are in the same boat. The worst part is you don't realize when a relationship turns toxic. Here's how you can get out of one.

Experts may give a broader perspective on how to handle a breakup. They will guide you about the dos and donts along with recommending a therapist.

Take advice from a relationship expert

Have a clear chat with your partner

Meet each other in person and give real closure to your toxic relationship. Confront the situation and share your feelings and pain points with your (ex) partner.

Make your mind if you want to break up with your toxic partner and never look back. Block their contact number and social media handles if they try to patch up.

Stand by your decision

Start a good self-care regimen

Start pampering yourself with relaxing head massages, regular grooming, reading good books, and enrolling in personal development classes - as you deserve all the love.

You may have been unintentionally ignoring your family as you were stuck in your world with a bad partner. So, chill with your family and friends.

Spend quality time with your loved ones