5 Best Institutes For Out-Of-The-Box PhDs In India

October 27, 2022

PhD in Yoga: Focusing on human health and Yogic studies, this course goes deep into the connection of body with Yoga. Universities like Himachal pradesh University offer this course.

PhD in Animal Nutrition: If your love for animals takes you here, you need to clear the exam by the veterinary council of India. Good luck!

PhD in Music: If you live and breathe music, this is for you. it will include areas like Musicology, Composition, Analysis and Cognition. Institutes like Banaras Hindu University and Mysore University offer it.

PhD in Criminology: This course will deal with research related to socio-cultural understanding of crime and criminals. Institutes like TISS Mumbai offer it.

PhD in Fashion Design: If research over fashion and understanding the very nature of design is your thing, NIFTs across country offer PhD in Fashion Design.

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