6 Internship Options For Arts Students

August 26 2022

If you are one of those students who has passed the 10th or 12th standard board exams and opted for arts, you have picked a stream that has a lot of potential. There are many options with respect to what you can pursue career-wise.


How do you decide which one to go for? The answer is internships. They are a great way to gain the reality check you need about pursuing a career path professionally.

Writing opportunities include copywriting (advertising), content writing (brand building), feature writing (journalism), research writing (academia), and more.


Sales And Marketing

As an intern, your main role will be to persuade selective clients to give your company a shot i.e., the product or service it is known for.

Content creation falls under the broad umbrella of digital marketing. For those who you come alive in front of a camera, this might be the way to go.

Content Creation

Animation And Design

Not only will it allow you to hone your technical craft while designing and animating characters, it will also help you to improve your storytelling abilities.

As an intern, you’ll  mostly be dealing with legal research. This means burying your head in thick, law books and complex case laws,.

Legal Research

Working For A Cause

If you are someone who is passionate about social justice concerns, then working for an NGO which works for a cause close to your heart, might be the right door to knock on.

By exploring an internship that is related to your interests, you can make an informed decision about what to pursue post the 12th standard board exams.