6 Tips To Write A Research-Based Article

By Anuska Roy

July 28 2022

Research articles can be intimidating to write. We understand. But they are also pieces that require our attention at least once or twice in our professional or academic life.


Education is not a copy-paste formula, it is an involvement of everything which supports us to become a person in itself.

Sifting through information can get overwhelming. However, the first step to figuring out your article is to be confident about the information you have.

Available Information

Do Research

The internet is vast, and so is the information available on it. Use that to your advantage by finding reliable sources and skimming through the relevant information to your topic.

Citing sources is a critical part of any sort of publishing. The main reason behind citing articles is to avoid intellectual dishonesty.

Cite Your Sources

Organise Information

The last thing you want is 50 tabs on your desktop browser and not knowing where to start. You can choose to organise your research digitally or on paper!

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Ask your parents, friends, mentors or even teachers if you feel stuck somewhere. So go forth and do your research. Trust us. It is not that scary.