Ali Sethi's Pasoori Is A Balm For Broken Hearts

May 2 2022

A song that is probably tainting all playlists since it has been released by Coke Studio is “Pasoori”. The melting sound of this song liquidates the divide of like-dislike and rigid understanding of genres.


In the video, Ali Sethi appears as a colourful character, who boldly walks in the frame and interrupts the beats, as his voice takes over.

The lyrics have two sections: 1. Lovers reprimanding each other for the distance between them. 2. Endorsing the idea of unification against the idea of separation.

Lyrical Genius

Musical Quality

Sheema Kermani is seen portraying gestures that verbalise the tune. Instruments as varied as mandolin, baglama, keyboard, synthesizer and drums have been used.

Pakistani Truck Art

Ali tells us that he saw the line “agg lawaan teriyan majburiyaan nu” (set fire to your worries) written on a truck, while travelling from Lahore to Faislabad.

In the BTS video, Ali explains that pasoori means conflict, or kashmakash. For him,  it is an oppressive separation that bars people from being together.

Meaning of Pasoori

For Ali, the song tries to make a case for an alternative option of the right to free movement of ideas, melodies and songs. It offers a common ground for people to interact with each other.