An Internship In Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Career

By Internshala

Nov 12, 2019

After a detailed discussion with a few IT professionals, and deep research into the emerging technology sectors, I decided to study artificial intelligence (AI).


"I believed that an opportunity in AI could be the stepping stone to my career, but my friends thought otherwise."

I spent around 5 months studying the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning, finding useful resources, and practising the algorithms.

Help From Internshala

Being an Internshala Student Partner myself, Internshala was my obvious choice to look for internships. One fine day, I was looking for internships in AI when I stumbled upon a vacancy at Skcript Technologies.

I applied to the internship and a few days later, I received an email stating that I had been shortlisted for the second round. I had mixed feelings of joy and fear at this time.

Finding Internship

Joining The Company!

I was hired as an intern!. After joining the company, I got introduced to the corporate work culture. On my first day, I was asked which domain of AI I wanted to work on, and I said, ‘Computer Vision’.

I had the time of my life during this stint. I got a chance to enhance my technical skills. I built my communication skills and learned to be a team player.