‘Why Am I Doing This?’: Life Of A PhD Scholar In India

By Suraj Ujwala Shankar

Sep 12 2022

PhD feels easy for everyone except the ones who are actually doing it. It is a lengthy and tiring affair. The question of ‘Why am I doing this?” is not new for a Ph.D. scholar.


The biggest challenge of being a PhD scholar is keeping track of your work. It is tough to maintain a continuous flow of growth.

Existential crises are pretty standard among PhD scholars; Nietzsche’s soul goes around scholars individually.

Publishing papers in reputed journals takes months and sometimes years. So how do we sustain our productivity throughout these long spans? Finding an alternative that gives you a sense of growth is the answer.

First-learner generations go through tremendous stress while managing their traumas and research work. India is not a data-friendly country.

It takes a toll on the mental health of researchers when exposed to vulnerable groups and their narratives. But believe in your ideas and choices.