India Is Not A Place To Do PhD: My True Story Of Suffering

By Natesha Anil

Sept 19, 2022

I started my journey of PhD for discovering drugs for elephantiasis or filariasis. For this, I worked for 6 years. I went into forests, various research institutes, and universities, doing my experiments. I wasted my money on chemicals.


I lost my job and have no money to eat food. How can I complete my work? I left my PhD. 

My university should bear the responsibility which violated UGC rules. Why? As per norms, only two papers had to be published but private universities force us to publish 3- 4 papers.

It’s very difficult to publish SCOPUS indexed papers. They tried maximum to kill my research work from starting as they didn’t even allow to their lab to do my work as I am a part-time PhD holder.

You end up paying lakhs of rupees in fees. You feel frustration, pain, with nobody to guide or help you; nobody just to tell you how to write a paper.

Read my article. Because everybody has to face these problems. If you can’t face them, don’t do a PhD.