I’m 21, With A Masters Degree. Is A PhD Worth The Hype?

By Ananya Upadhyaya

Jun 8, 2021

In this fast-paced world, we have to pre-plan our next academic degree while pursuing one. If you want to go for a PhD, you are supposed to plan it as soon as you get admission to Masters.


Since the start, we are told that educational breaks are not good for a career. Therefore, it was never an option to pause and think. Now that I look back, I realise that a break was really necessary.

According to a report, the labour market outcomes for PhDs vary significantly by gender and discipline, and the economic return of a PhD is lower for younger graduates compared to PhDs in general. 

PhD graduates may not be aware of the skills and abilities they could bring to a future employer, or there may be a mismatch between the capabilities desired by employers and those gained by PhD graduates during their studies.

PhDs and specialisations do not always promise the best possible outcome. 

One needs to think it through as it is both time and money consuming. It also depends on the end goal, which differs from person to person.

If you are looking for a high-yielding job, carefully evaluate every aspect of that particular degree you are planning to pursue.