Awaaz Initiative: 50 Landmark SC Judgments Released In 5 Regional Languages

By Rohit S

27 November, 2023

Manupatra and Justice Adda in partnership with the Awaaz Initiative supported by Youth Ki Awaaz, are pleased to announce the publication of an illustrated  E book of Cases of the Supreme Court of India first published in English in 2018, and now translated into five regional languages, including Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Malayalam and Bengali.


Here is more information on the ‘awaaz’ initiative:

The Supreme Court of India has pioneered some landmark judgments in the area of environmental law, labour reform, gender and sexuality, issues of public duty, child rights and many others. These infographics provide clear and concise explanations of 50 prominent constitutional case summaries of the Supreme Court of India.

SC’s Landmark Judgements

The ‘Awaaz Initiative’

The Awaaz Initiative aims to democratise socio-legal discourse in the country. This e-book project came together naturally as all the partner organizations aim to make legal information accessible to laypersons.

The project sought to translate the language of the Court into a language that is accessible to an ordinary citizen. Through translation we want to ensure that the understanding of the landmark decisions is accessible to a broader audience, breaking down language barriers.

Why The Translation

We hope that this initiative will inspire more law students, lawyers, judges, academics and researchers to make an additional effort to make laws and legislative discussion accessible to all marginalised groups.