4 Reasons You Should Watch 'Badhaai Do' On Netflix

February 21 2022

'Badhaai Do' is a 2022 Indian Hindi comedy drama film depicting a couple in a lavender marriage, or a marriage of convenience. It stars Rajkummar Rao, Bhumi Pednekar and Chum Darang in the lead roles.


The movie started and our thrill kept increasing as we saw relatable things happening. It was like we were watching our and our friends’ lives being played out on the screen.

Of Queer Dating

Relatably, Bhumi  has a married ex in the film. Not only this, she is catfished through a lesbian dating app, as she realises that the woman she had been talking to all along, is actually a man.

As the movie progressed, you get to see Bhumi and Chum engaging in flirty and romantic shenanigans. You get to witness the cutest lesbian romance ever and it all felt like a fairytale.

Lesbian Love

Unaccepting families

Chum plays the role of a woman working in a hospital, who also happens to be an out and proud lesbian from the north-east,. The sad part is that she was outcasted by her own family for being a queer person.

Rajkummar is super terrified while talking about his sexuality, but the most empoweringly queer, homophilic moment in the history of Bollywood far me was—his coming out monologue.

Coming out scene

Agni and I were sitting with our jaws dropped. We had placed our hands on our cheeks and we were giggling like little school boys. I, literally, had this crazy urge to call all my lesbian friends and force them to watch the movie with me that instant.