Here Are 4 Ways To Help You Save And Make More Money

October 22, 2021

To some of us, the pandemic brought a moment of reckoning, offering a pause to reassess our priorities in life. With healthcare emergencies, loss of jobs and income, and massive salary cuts, the young were the worst hit due to Covid-19’s financial fallout.


Here is a beginner's guide to investment in different forms of capital. These are some factors to secure one's economical and overall well-being.

Whether you use spreadsheets, digital apps, or a notebook, it is important to list it all down, to see how much you are earning and how much you are actually spending. Is the remainder green or red?



Saving at an early age not only helps in emergencies but also gives you the agency to make future investments and life-changing decisions. It can enable you to take a holiday, access health services such as therapy or gender-affirming surgeries etc.

With easy access to the market and online guidance, a young person can explore a number of investment opportunities. Begin with investing a small amount, to keep the risk factor at the lowest. 


Investing In Non-Traditional Capital

As a young person, while it is important to invest in your financial goals, it is also as important to build alternative forms of capital. These forms of capital unlock wealth that also includes money, but not just that.

In the world that we live in, finances play a significant role in shaping our present and future. Yet, as human beings, we are too complex to solely depend on money as a life force. It is time we tap into the abundance of capital that lies all around us, unnoticed.