5 Best Beaches In India

November 22, 2022

Butterfly Beach, Goa: A unique beach with a lot of butterfly species around it, it is also a great spot for viewing sea life (if the tide is low). If you're lucky, you might even spot for dolphins!

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman And Nicobar Island: This pristine beach on Havelock island has lush green forests surrounding clean white sand! You can swim, snorkel, fish or dive here.

Varkala Beach: A beach away from the crowds, you can surf, have some delicious local food and laze around with a beer in hand.

Chandipur Beach: A beautiful beach in Odisha, during low-tide, you can walk up to the sea floor. A lot of endangered species can be found here.

Mandvi Beach: A popular holiday destination in Gujarat's Kutch region. It offers clean water and beautiful views, you can ride camels, camp and look at the Kutch flora and fauna.

So, which beach are you planning to spend your winters at?