Best Books For Stock Market?

By Ishika S.

14 September

Wondering what are the best books for stock market? Check this webstory to find out.


“Here are the best books for stock market”

One of the best trading books around, Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group, has a simple message. He recommends you go into trading by keeping costs reduced, investing long term.

The Little Book Of Common Sense

A Random Walk Down Wallstreet

The author stipulates that the prices of assets typically show indications of a “random walk” and investors have no way to outperform averages in the markets in a consistent fashion.

This is the ‘bible’ of investing as far as stock market books go. The book begins by explanations of the basics of the stock market from the perception of value investors.

The Intelligent Investor

How To Make Money In Stocks

O’Neil describes his own system of investing and finding big stock winners. For new investors, this book should answer all your questions.

These were the best books for stock market. Hope the list was helpful.