Best Courses In Calcutta University

By Anuska Roy

Nov 22, 2022

The oldest significant public research institution in India is the University of Calcutta, which is situated in Kolkata.


Here is a list of best courses in Calcutta University:

The teachers of the Department of Ancient Indian History and Culture of the University of Calcutta regularly contribute their valuable research articles to national and international journals and edited books.

Ancient Indian History and Culture


The Department of Sociology at University of Calcutta was set-up in 1975 and functional in 1976 and currently running M.A., M.Phil. & Ph.D coursework. It will complete forty two years in 2018.

The first appointed teachers were D.M. Bose as the Rashbehary Ghose Professor and C.V. Raman as the Taraknath Palit Professor. These appointments were made in 1914.




The UGC granted the University of Calcutta the designations of "University with potential for excellence" and "Centre with potential for excellence in Particular Area."