Best Courses in Mithibai College

By Zeeshan Tirmizi

2nd May, 2023

Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal (SVKM) founded Mithibai College in 1961. Mithibai College currently offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in the fields of arts, science, and commerce. In order to grant Ph.D. degrees, it offers a doctoral-level course.


“Here’s a list of best courses in Mithibai College in 2023"

The most popular undergraduate degree provided by universities and colleges around the world is the bachelor of arts (B.A.). Students who complete a study in the liberal arts (such as humanities or social sciences) typically receive a B.A. degree.

Bachelor Of Arts

Bachelor Of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce is abbreviated as B.Com. A three-year undergraduate program, it offers a choice of specialisations and is more focused on developing job skills.

Bachelor of Management Studies is the title of the degree. BMS is a three-year undergraduate program that offers advanced management education necessary to successfully manage a business or organisation.

Bachelor of Management Studies

Master Of Arts

A postgraduate degree known as the MA, or Master of Arts, is given to students who successfully complete a postgraduate program of study in humanities and social science topics at the Mithibai College.

Only the CUET entrance exam will be used for admission to Mithibai College's undergraduate programmes.