Best Courses To Study in Amity University Noida

By Anuska Roy

Nov 3, 2022

Amity University, Noida is a private research university located in Noida, India. It was established in 2005 by an Act of the State Legislature of Uttar Pradesh.


Here is a list of best courses to study in Amity University:

The study of English literature is interesting and diverse. Students who enrol in this course are given the chance to study and comment to a wide range of novels, plays, and poems.

B.Sc. Anthropology

Medical Biotech

Medical Biotechnology provides studies of genetically modified organisms and other toxic substances harmful to us.

B.Sc in Marine Science is the best-suited Amity University Course for those who have a deep interest in Ocean and its ecosystem.

B.Sc in Marine Science

Organic Agriculture

 B.Sc in Organic farming helps students adopt alternate agricultural practices to maximise production.

Amity University Noida is widely famous and ranked the number one private Institution in India. Amity offers a wide range of courses.