Best Courses To Study In Miranda House

By Anuska Roy

Oct 28, 2022

Miranda House offers a liberal arts education in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The faculty is committed to the cause of liberal education and is famous for its meritorious background profile and diversified talent.


Here is a list of best colleges to study in Miranda House:

The study of English literature is interesting and diverse. Students who enrol in this course are given the chance to study and comment to a wide range of novels, plays, and poems.

Department Of English

Dept. of Pol Science

The Department offers a three-year undergraduate Honours programme, generic electives to other Honours programmes, and courses at the level of an integrated B.A. programme.

The Miranda House Chemistry Department currently contains three cutting-edge labs, two instrumentation labs, and resources for a cutting-edge computer lab.

Dept Of Chemistry

Dept. Of Geography

A distinctive sharing and interacting experience is offered by Miranda House's geography department. Throughout the year, the Society sponsors many events.

Miranda House holds a unique position among the women's colleges at the University of Delhi. It has a distinct advantage because of its central placement on the university campus.