Best Internships For Economics Students?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

6th September, 2023 

An economics major internship is a work opportunity where you can expand your economic knowledge and gain professional experience.


“Here are some of the best internships for economic students

Economic Consultant Intern

An economic consultant intern works for a firm or team that helps clients mitigate risk and promote economic growth. These interns are responsible for conducting research into economic issues, collecting and analyzing economic data and planning and developing projects.

A sales and marketing intern conducts market research, keeps up to date on industry news, builds relationships with clients, executes marketing strategies and promotes products or services.

Sales And Marketing Intern

A corporate finance intern, sometimes called corporate development or treasury intern, can work for a government, bank or private company to forecast liquidity, etc.

Corporate Finance Intern

Policy Analyst Intern

A policy analyst intern can work for a government or company and researches public issues, policies and legislation, creates briefs and performs clerical tasks.

In an economics major internship, you can benefit from forming relationships with your supervisor and with coworkers. Practice kindness to make friendships and consider staying connected with the people you meet so you can build your professional network.