Best Jobs For Commerce Students In India

By Ishika

4 October

Wondering what are the best jobs for commerce students in India? Check this webstory out to find out more:


“Here are the best jobs for commerce students”

Chartered Accountant (CA)

Becoming a CA is a prestigious career option. CAs provide financial expertise, auditing, and taxation services to individuals and businesses.

Commerce graduates can work as financial analysts, evaluating financial data, creating reports, and providing investment recommendations for companies or individuals.

Financial Analyst:

A CS is responsible for ensuring that a company complies with legal and regulatory requirements. They handle corporate governance and ensure proper record-keeping.

Company Secretary (CS):

Investment Banking:

Commerce students can pursue careers in investment banking, where they assist companies in raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, and financial advisory services.

These are just a few options, and commerce graduates can also explore careers in fields like banking, insurance, stockbroking, management, and entrepreneurship based on their interests and skills.