Best Masters Courses After BA In English

By Ishika

28th August, 2023

There are numerous promising career options and job-oriented courses after BA across varied specializations and subjects.


“Here are the best masters courses after BA in English”

MA In English

You can also pursue your master in arts after BA in English. MA is one of the most preferred postgraduate degrees that students opt for amongst courses after BA.

You can pursuer MBA after BA in English and work in business and marketing fields. MBA in India is also one of the most sough after degrees with various streams to choose from.


You can pursue masters in mass communication after your BA in English and can work in media field. From TV to radio you can easily work in different media domains.



You can take up law and become a lawyer if you are a graduate in English. After your degree, you can become a professional lawyer with a three-year LLB course.

These are some of the best master courses you can do after BA in English.