Best Memory Techniques For Learning Vocabulary

By Ishika

6 December, 2023

Wondering what are the best memory techniques for learning vocabulary? Check this webstory out for more:


Here are the best  memory technique for learning vocabulary in more detail:

- Associate new words with something familiar in your life. For example, link the word "ephemeral" with a short-lived moment from your personal experiences. - Create mental images or stories that connect the new word to its meaning, making it easier to recall.

1. Association:

2. Repetition:

- Regularly revisit the words you've learned. Spacing out your practice sessions over time, rather than cramming, helps reinforce long-term memory. - Use techniques like spaced repetition systems (SRS) that adapt to your learning pace, prioritizing words you find more challenging.

- Instead of rote memorization, practice using new words in sentences or scenarios. This contextual understanding enhances your ability to apply them appropriately. - Write short stories or paragraphs incorporating the words to reinforce their usage.

3. Use in Context:

4. Mnemonics:

- Create mnemonic devices, such as acronyms or associations, to remember both the spelling and meaning of words. For instance, for the word "vex," you might associate it with the sound of someone being vexed. - Develop rhymes or catchy phrases that encapsulate the essence of the word.

By incorporating these techniques into your vocabulary learning routine, you create a multi-faceted approach that engages different aspects of memory and improves your overall retention of new words.