Best Methods To Study And Memorise?

By Ishika

25 October, 2023

Studying and memorization are essential skills for effective learning. Wondering how to study and memorise better? Check this webstory out for some effective tips.


Here are four methods to help you study and memorize information:

- Engage with the material actively. Instead of passively reading or highlighting text, take notes, ask questions, and discuss the content. - Try to explain the information in your own words. Teaching others or summarizing the material can reinforce your understanding and memory.

Active Learning


- Create visual aids to help you remember information. Mind maps, diagrams, and charts are effective tools for visual learners. - Associating concepts with images or visual patterns can make the material more memorable. This technique is particularly useful for subjects with complex relationships, like biology or history.

- Mnemonics are memory aids that make use of acronyms, rhymes, or associations to remember information. For example, "ROYGBIV" helps remember the colors of the rainbow. - Develop your own mnemonic devices to simplify and remember complex information. This technique is great for memorizing lists, sequences, or formulas.

Mnemonic Devices

Spaced Repetition

- Spaced repetition involves reviewing and revisiting material at increasing intervals over time. It's a scientifically proven method for long-term memory retention. - Use flashcards or spaced repetition apps to schedule your revision sessions. This helps you revisit information just before you're likely to forget it, reinforcing your memory.

Remember that a combination of these methods often works best. Adapt your approach based on the type of material you're studying and your personal learning preferences.